Letra "Xenos Movement I" de Aletheian

Paralyzed with arms lifted high, entranced in awe of enlightenment.
Overwhelmed by the stark contrast of revelation.

“Descended fire to forgive, kindled desire to live and breathe again.
Renewed perspective and meaning, empowered by the flame indwelling.”

Transformation of reason, eyes opened wide to
the existence of truth.
Truth, transcending the futile grasp of understanding.
Object of desire now realized, this yearning inside intensifies.
Fervently seeking the warm embrace of restoration.
Tumultuous waters recede and subside
as the firm foundation of life is revealed in the light.
The frailty of expended efforts is e
nveloped in the overriding of faith.
The great mystery disclosed, the shedding
of blood for the hope of glory.
Hope that drowns out the echoing cries of desperation,
And joy that fills the depths of the barren void.
Peace surpassing the reach of self-fulfillment, l
ove overshadowing ultimate self-concern.

“I am yours to command.
Come and send me Lord.
By your will, I will be your vessel, Lord.
My life is yours to demand what you would of me.
Light my path, and I will give my life to you.”

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