I may rise but I'll never Shine

I may rise but I'll never Shine

Baker Ya Maker

What’s the meaning, what’s the meaning
Please won’t you tell me ‘cause the message I ain’t hearing
I ain’t feeling nothing but a big hole in my life
Beautiful gain is the pain in my mind

When I play with the fire, swear I get higher
Take me to the top but this evil empire
Can’t have much success if you ain’t taking risks
Started at the bottom now the top I exist

Staying for myself ‘cause I only got me
No love for another so I turn to the greed
Everybody’s rats whеn you start making cheese
Can’t trust any word and so I’m staying with the beast

Killing feeling six, in my blood runs cold
Lifе is an ocean and I’m swimming in the gold
Drag in the road
This is not my kingdom and I’m kinda feeling old

Please tell me how to heal it
Mr. Miracle man, do what he can
I ain’t got the answers so he better have a plan
When you put it on a line I’ma bring it to the end

This life is getting mission and I’m only here to win
Bored and here to grin, down with a smile
Blood on my face, you can see it since a child
It’s a mad man’s world and I’ve come here to thrive
Cold is a soul of a man full of pride

Close my eyes and bring the rain
Let the thunder shock the pain
Wash away all what’s to pray for
When there’s nothing left to blame

Put the blunt up to the flame
And take a puff and drift away
This is the hate, I wanna live
This is the place, I want to stay

Give me my space, don’t have the patience
See my life is slowly wasting
So I need to get away from
By myself I’m left and waiting

For my time to come
Maybe it won’t take long, maybe I hit with numb
Feelings got me guessing, so I’m ticking like a bomb
Take this as a lesson when you listen to this song


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