Letras de canciones de Blind Witness

Letra "10 Minutes Of Clinical Death" de Blind Witness

Separated, isolated,
Away from who I was before,
My only consolation is to dream,
Of you laying in your own blood on the floor,
Of you laying in your own blood on the floor,
But this is what keeps me so far away,
Away from the ones who can give me the chance to see another day,
I’m going six feet down,
But I swear I’m taking you with me into the ground,

Precious glory moment come near me,
Let that dream become,
Your worst enemy,
Let me help you,
Put that rope around your neck,
Satisfaction everywhere,
Then I kick the fuc*** chair,


Who gives a f*** you’re fuc*** dead,
Who gives a f*** you’re fuc*** dead,

This is weird how it’s gonna hurt you,
But please me,
I’ll make the pain last forever,
i wont give up on you,
Till i can hear the word im sorry,
Until you’ll realize what the f*** you did,
I wish i wasnt weak that day,
Without compassion,

You never got what you fuckin’ truly deserved,
Oh glory moment become my liberation,

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