Letra "Escaping Eternity" de Chansons De Noël


How can you stand there?
Youre just a fake
And everyone knows who I am
Youve done your damage
Tried to erase everything I am

Ive never been your substance
Lost forever, I gave you your charm
You look at me once again
Ive been other place
Ive opened my eyes wider than you know

Ive tried to relieve your suffering
But I fear that your in…
Give me on reason to be satisfied
My soul remains in contempt

Im bleeding and lost forever
I gave you your charm
I despise you one again
Love is false, love is lies
Give me an exit, grant me the disguise

Give me one reason to be satisfied
My souls remains…
Beg for forgiveness, your last chance
This love is ending
Eternity escaped

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