Letra "Yo no soy para vos y vos no sos para mi (en inglés)" de Fuerte Apache


Lets go my love
we escape where we both
and anyone else I may love you for qe
and caresses your body to show you
than burning feel inside
and I can not hold my feelings
want to hug like the first time
when I said love, que linda sensacion
I do not let go but not let go I let go
and now look at me in the eyes pretty woman
and more kiss me kiss me mas
time is for love nomas
i crazy want to crazi
re the only woman comes to please me
than if you knew what is going through my mind
abrazame our burning love I HOLDINGS
grabs my hand and walk me to love
that place where no one
but do not say where youre not for me qe
and I am for you thats not so pq
and can speak well of our love
wanr to qe me they know
what is the heart qe
wish though them away and separate
our love will be back together
lets forget lets forget
of everything evil and we will love
Give my love love only the two
unleashing our bonds of madness and passion
doll my beautiful sweet as honey
glass skinre all woman
qe say no matter what and no one can
with our love you are my love forever

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