Letra "Si fuera Tu Bailo conmigo..! (en inglés)" de Guaco


If I dance with you,
I like that your right foot ..
If you dance with me ..
That I know that I dance well
In a rumba no boundaries ..
When you want to take a pi .. and
If you want to dance with me
Enjoy life and how you see …!!.

If I give you bailaria ..
All night without stopping
If your Aceptaria
That I will enjoy ..
In a rumba no Borders
Vente at myself and see all vamo
Baila Conmigo if you want
Enjoy Life and Nothing But …. !

Eheheheh !!!!!!!!
Eheheheh !!!!!!!!
Vente to bacilaR ..!
Eheheheh !!!!!!!
Oye and enjoy more ..
Eheheheh !!!!!!!
Cafe with bread is not the same as
Cumbara kin kin kin cumbara kimbara kimbaraeee ..!!!

Baila me if you want
Enjoy Life and nothing else ..
Gozalo you can be ..
Bailala rumba that is not going away ..
Baila me if you want
There are but enjoys rumba Re Say
Vente aCa PA …
Gozalo is that you

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