Death in wait
So you die

Cast aside your fear to slay
Succumbing to this thirst
A token I proclaim

This curse you can’t avoid
I take your life in hate
No blessing for your sake

Persistence in killing derived from my past
To help you all perish to nothing but ash
The way I deprive is the way that you die
Conceive your bale

Cracking up their skulls
Piece for piece
Disembowelment thrives
Skin their flesh
Lancinating pain
Cleave and rive

I crush the stand with ease
Now they run
Piercing through their spine
As they flee
The pleas for mercy fail
No remorse

Carve into the depths of your flesh
Your limbless carrion condemned to unrest
Relive your torture before your death

Take your share
Wretched end

Die in disdain
Die by my hand
Die for my sake
Die for my hate
Die as I rage
Suffer my hate

An onslaught on the frail
Your weakness is your grave
This end is hope that I embrace
Redemption for my very self
To God you are sacrificed

Rage remains unbowed, unquenched
Disaster I will bring
And swallow all your hopes

The peace you knew has ceased
Ambassador of war I am
My triumph claimed your innocence

Bound to my past I am driven to kill
They promised salvation for each life I spill
Mercy is granted to the ones who kill



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