Godship Undone

Godship Undone


There’s a shadow waiting for the kill
Stalking the ones who will die tonight
No graveyard will see their bloody faces
They are going straight to hell

The thirst for violence grabs him tight
Deprived of any fear to die
They took his life with no regrets
He returned to repay this blood stained debt

Benighted they wait to be slain
Shallow peace betrays the night
His fists are clenching the tools of death
Death shall follow all their screams

I wait for the night to fall
Godship waits to be undone
Stepping up to first ones I see
I take my vengeance silently
Death follows every fucking scream
As I relive my suffering
The lives of this place soon will cease
Each life I take puts my mind at ease

Blasphemy’s found the spring of gods
Where scum enjoys divinity
He will put their lives to an end
Payment for their deeds he seeks
Slaughter is all that’s been left
No last enemy that still remains
The rage inside ends their lives
No signs of immortality

One last step to quench his thirst
Gods that lie dead at his feet
Executed violently
Divine power vanished to dust
They have perished to dust

No longer I crave for revenge
As silence welcomes my death
Yet no one will be left alive
Of the gods that I defy
The gods that I defy
I shall defy

Godship Undone


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