The Greater Counterfeit

The Greater Counterfeit


When revelation has been passed unto you
They have turned their back and watched you die

Hold on, their cunning lies
Get down or face demise
Leave the wounded as they die
Death awaits you from the skies

Repeat, retreat
This spinal cracking sound
You have to get to safer ground

There is nowhere
To hide from this extinction
Coating this field with blazing death
Silencing the ones still left

Press on, struggle on
The fire shapes your skin
But you, you fall
And the truth dies within

Immolation takes its path
Scorching remnants turned to dust
They judged your trespass on truth was too much
It was too much
Too much

Traitors of our lives remain
The trust we shared now rests with us
And still they’ll say that we have not died in vain
We have not died in vain
Not died in vain
We died in vain
We died for the greater counterfeit

The Greater Counterfeit


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