Read Between The Lines

Read Between The Lines

Ingridi Verardo

I knew you were a problem
You’re the risk I knew
I’d sacrificed so much inside for
And now I’m lost without myself, without you

Everything will stay between us
Please ignore the warnings against me
Be with me! Be with me! ME!
I’m sorry that, you will always be the other one

Time was short and we are so the same
You were packing and I saw your heart there
In that moment I thought
I have so much more to say

I’ll always remember that summer
Inside your that old red van
Under a sea of stars and woods around
Your warming smile

We had our final talk
I had so much more to say
Just one more night
Before light brings forth the colder day

I swear I left our chat open
I’d be staring at it hoping once to see
A sign that you were missing me
But it never happened

A few days passed and nothing
I felt this sense of need in me for you
The need to hear a sound from your voice
That sound takes away my misery

Send me a sign
A letter, a message, smoke signal
Will nothing ever come?
I wonder does she hate me?
Now I’ve realised
She bet all her love, but I’m the one who lost

I never thought that we would fall
I never thought those other girls would be right at all

Read Between The Lines


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