Think I’ve gone too far, what I see, swear I’m blinded
I’m 21, fuck these hoes that turned me blinded
I’ve tried too hard to be someone that I just played for
But I don’t know, but I don’t know, but I don’t know
I think I’m better, when these bad bitches let go
I think I’m better
They just tell me that I’m JOY, I think I’m better
The fuck I’m supposed to do? They think I’m better, better

Feel you down there (yeah, yeah)
It’s the only thing that I care about
Swear to you, swear to you
Gonna fuck you ‘til you know me good
Where the hell I’m supposed to go, go, go
When myself belongs to you, you, you
When myself belongs to you
I don’t think I’m lost (I don’t think I’m lost in you)
But I see my goal
You know that shit is not easy anymore, it’s true

Yeah, I’m getting real
‘Cause every other thing is insecure for me
What’s so wrong to have that fake shit for most these thotties?
But what’s the point?
But what’s the point?
I haven’t started
So let me be just like you (do it then)
I don’t need my other self (you don’t need him, trust me)
This music shit defines me
So I don’t really have a choice (you do)
A choice, a choice, a choice
A choice, a choice, a choice (yeah, become me)
A choice, a choice, a choice (change yourself, change yourself)

I don’t know what she has done
I don’t know what she fucked up
I can’t lie, she broken
I can hold you in my arms, right now



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