Letra "Spray On Pants" de Kisschasy


He just threw out all of his old clothes
And all the music that he owns
Its time for his yearly change of style

She speaks with a British accent
The keyboard is her favourite instrument

The drinks are cheap and vinyls cool
What do you think of my new shoes?
You know me and I know you
Yeah we do

She used to love Reel Big Fish,
Then she decided she loved the Smiths
So she downloaded all their greatest hits

He is learning the tambourine
He tells his band thats what theyre missing

[Chorus x2]

Yeah we do, yeah we do

They both go to all of the same clubs
Where everyone takes all the same drugs
And talks about how theyre so fucked up

They try to get up and dance
But theyre all wearing spray on pants
It was a sight to be scene
I wonder who theyll be next week

[Chorus x2]

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