Letra "Playground" de Lil Rob


[16 second instrumental to open]

[Lil Rob – almost whispering]
Girl I just wanna conversate
Youre leavin witcha friends, yeah well they can wait
They look cool but Im into you
You look like youre into me too
You can do what you do
Leave with them or stay with me and break some rules
(Lets break some rules)
Cmon girl, youre old enough to choose
Whats it gonna be, your friends or me?
(Is it gonna be your friends or me?)
See we can have a lot of fun
With them the nights over with me the nights just begun
Finish up that Coke and rum
I wanna lick you up with my magic tongue
I saw you, I said shes the one
Hopin you saw me and said hes the one
Fuck it, lets get the fuck on
Back to the pad and get our fuck on

[Chorus One: Lil Rob]
We can have a lot of fun, between the sheets
Let me get naughty witcha body come lay next, to me
And we can share a night of ecstasy, oh how the sex would be
Now lay back and leave the rest, to me

[Chorus Two: Lil Rob]
We can head back to the pad if you want to
If you want me just as bad as I want you
I just wanna show you how it goes down in my playground (playground)
You can act as bad as you want to (as bad as you want to)
Go ahead and scream, I wont stop you
I just wanna show you how it goes down in my playground

[Lil Rob – almost whispering]
I lay you down on the cama
When I hit it, I hit it con ganas{?}
Your eyes look like youre in a trance-ah
I make your body twitch when I lick your pants-ah
Make your body shake when I go down lower
How much can you take girl before its over
Sexy how you scream and giggle
Have you back that ass up with a little wiggle
Ooh girl, you turn me on
Kick your panties off but keep your heels on (keep your heels on)
Foreplay will keep you smilin
Keep you wet so I can slide right in
Youre better than I imagined
Now turn around and arch your back end
No more than physical attraction
Satisfaction guaranteed with no attachments

[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two]

[Lil Rob – almost whispering]
We met deep in the ci-ty, now were deep in the sheets
Theres no bet-ter feelin than when our bo-dies meet
{?}Parive pavajo{?}, we rocked and we rolled
Como, dos animales fuckin out of control

[18 seconds of instrumental]

[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two]

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