Letra "Brickface + Stucco" de Lunachicks


Brickface and Stucco met on the corner
Of 48th st. and 3rd Boulevard
Brickface in a white t-shirt
Stucco wore a skin tight skirt
Theyd go to the Village on saturdays
Go to Broadway and see cheap plays
Brickface decided he was a she and
Stucco decided to go out to sea
In fishnet stocking and old saltines
They parted happily, said theyd meet
again in 2003, 2003, 2003 !
Get out of the old neighborhood!
Get out while your still looking good!
Wake up, brake up & go
Wake up, brake up & go
Brickface and Stucco
Brickface grew his short hair long
Bought some wigs and tried them all on
Cheap perfume and old lame
Gonna wax his legs today
Stucco sailed the seven seas
Grew a beard and drank some teas
Used cheap women, drank lots of gin
Thought of Brickface now and again
Now and again! Now and again!
Wake up, make up & go!
Wake up, make up & go!
They had a child together
Sail the oceasn, what could be better
Babe was born on November 10
They named her Formica Linoleum,

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