Letra "Paperdoll" de Markize


Behind your pretty steel glance,
And this splendid fairness ,
This body with perfect measurments,
So empty of happiness ,
We believe we see unical being who cross the time infinately,
Offering its beauty to eyes gorged with desire,
we are obssessed ,

But youre only a paperdoll,
Reality did not accept you,
You are only a paperdoll,
Fashion has manufactured you.

Youre the dream of this searching glory youth,
Following standards dictated high here,
Suffering and with pain we try to, unreal and false you appear me,
But you like this image thats imposed to you, you distort the image of feminity, and you continue your lie in spite of the lives,
You break, on your way


You want to fly,
But you are, taken, broken,
You want to fly,
But you are, in your guilded cage.

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