Letra "Evils Deads" de Mr. Shadow


Mr. Shadow]
Yeah, its the shadow of your death
One more time at your ass
Money and Greed caused all these eveil deeds
So watch your ass mothafucka

I can hear them evil voices callin my name
My mental state is at its peak
Im chokin you son of bitches and ditches is where you sleep
I creep through the night with daggers bow an arrows machetes
These mothauckas better be ready Im bringing hell on them like Freddy
On daily bases Im smashin faces not leavin traces you hate this
Youre not even knowing when ever youre going to the wrong places
At the wrong time that Im doing my krime
if you cross that line your ass is mine
Im sneaking up from behind slashin your neck not wasting no time
My rhymes be causing dreams that cause death
Like meth I got your sprung
I got you picturin shit like dippin acid on your tongue
I hung around with crazies way before I was teen
Packing a glock not given a fuck Im puttin an end to all your dreams
It seems like Im surrounded be vultures beggin for torture
I told all you petty fools not to fuck with this soldiers
Im colding then avalanches it takes a master mind to plan this
And youre askin how I handled this with pictables and axes

[Mr. Lil One]
Fool you should of been known
That I be the one holding the key to where you go

[Mr. Shadow]
So close your eyes mothafucka

[Mr. Lil One]
Fool you should of been known
That I be the one holding the key to where you go

[Mr. Shadow]
Its time to die mothafucka
(Repeat 2x)

[Mr. Shadow]
Late night I got you tossin and turnin your soul is burning
At first you thought it was a dream but no longer returnin
As you lie but naked like a body inside of a tomb
You got suspended animation as I slept in your room
Its The Shadow “One Man Battalion” better not be on my horizon
Cause Im dressin in disguises open up to see with your eye
Suprisin the rival when you least expect it
Aint no surivivors or wintness cause that just unexcepted
My finger is tempted to pull the trigger and blow a mothafucka to peices
Im seperating them uncles from all their nephews and nieces
So Jesus help these bastards stay away from the sicko
And if you need a little help then give this demon a whistle
The pistol is bustin Im trustin no one but myself
And you better be ready for wars when ever you hear me up at your doors
No more suprises so close your eyes and dont resist
In the gallery of evil all we do is triple 6 bitch


[Mr. Shadow]
Canibusateva got me thinkin my plot
And how I want these mothafuckas covered up with my shots
When the glock pops and the fool drops
Im leavin no evidence for the cops
Fuck those punk Ill buck them too and stash their limbs in the slums
The circumstances gettin critical with this lyrical demon
Im leavin you weak sons of bitches in ditches no longer breathen
Im hearin your mother cry and youre trying hard to survive
Mothafuck you and your momma cause youre both bout to die
So I look in your eyes and ask you how does it feel
Do know in a matter of moments youll see your mother get killed
Get chills up and down your spine you can feel your stomach turning
Nausiated for the fact that its murder Im yearin
So burnin them crusifixes Satan bless me with them 6s
Getting rid of them noises mothauckas all in my business
You witness you die, mothafucka dont ask me
Yous a dead mothafucka any ways so shut your eyes


[Mr. Shadow]
Oh yeah, and keep in mind
That what ever you do, what ever time it is
And what ever plot youre doing
Im there to witness it 24/7 on the clock
Ha Ha and it dont stop

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