Powerman 5000

Make a mix or make ‘em mad
What’s the plan, understand
That the reason for the chase is your rent

Twelve flash time stands still
And I’m hard to kill
Swallowin’ up the truth is the better respell

Nothing, no, nothing earned
They’re tricks of the trade
So you know he’s gonna get burned

Turn up the level devil rapper, I ain’t no slacker
Can’t swing with the world
Cause it’s whacker, and whacker, and whacker

Yeah, most people I know need a smack
Comin’ straight from the city of the dead, like I said before
I ain’t so mad, I’m just boredwitcha, I’m just bored witcha
I’m just boredwitcha


I’m just boredwitcha
I’m just boredwitcha
I’m just boredwitcha

(Yeah, yeah)

You can’t mistake what’s at stake
There ain’t no method to the madness
I wait around, I wait around, what’s that sound
Must have had this, one time like before

I used to be involve, but now I’m just bored, right
Step back, what’s that, it’s creepy reapin’
The ship they sleep and they fall in too deep

And nothin’ changes, nothin’ ever will the story’s the same
And the writer’s down with it, okay, okay
It ain’t that way, but I do my infliction
I base my case in the lack of confliction

Here we go, yeah, say it one more
I’m just bored, (yeah), I’m just boredwitcha

Okay, okay, try to stay awake and try to be alert (yeah)
But when I’m looking around, I only feel like dirt

I tell ya this though, I have no more anger
And do not pledge allegiance to they sky strangled banner

I see the fire bleak, desensitized
Stopped to check the wreck but it ain’t no surprise

Yeah, swing with the fink that you thought was a new one
Try to maintain and you get done

Yes, I’ve seen it once, I’ve seen it before (yeah, yeah)
I’m just boredwitcha, I’m just boredwitcha
I’m just boredwitcha



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