Yesterday I was alive,
but now I’m dead because you were liar
yesterday you were my friend
but now you’re dead because she’s still lying

I won’t be the same man
It’s her blame because she is a liar….

Day by day I try to live
Another way but I want to go higher
Who will be next in your fuckin’ game
Leave me now , I’ll fall down..

Fall down…fall down…fall down…

Can’t come back again, can’t come back again
I can’t help you , I must save my live…..

Cold, around me , It’s all right …I understand…

way of life, your way of life is killing
way of life is kiling
way of life, It’s way of your life

Is it shame to be wrong?
I can’t help you now, I’m the one who died
I’m killed by Mantis

Mantis killed…. Mantis killed…. killed me…



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