Way To Nowhere

Way To Nowhere


Unfriendly beams of the sun, I cannot sleep under pressure
Sudden screams of the fear don’t let me dream, I must give in
There is nothing left to say, It is high time to end this fucki’n life


No matter how much I drink, It still not enough
No matter how hard I try, I won’t be alive
No matter how much Icare, I cannot stay
No matter how hard I trust, I won’t find the way….

Nothing to choose, there is nothing to lose, noone will protect you
You get out of life what you put into it
Destination… Destination… Destination…

Noone belives you, noone will trust you
Noone will help you , nothing will change you
Die and kill your destination

Mommy please come back in order to save me now
Mommy please come back in order to save me
Mommy please come back in order to turn back the time
Mommy please come back… Mommy please come back…

It is my name you just called me that
It is my rage caused by your initation
It is my hate it’s growing in my head
It is my fate your death will be my salvation

My way is leading to nowhere… to nowhere…

Don’t listen to this shit, it’s sick
Better think about how to bleed
I feel that I’m dying losing my breath
If that’s the end of me???!

This time my pain is hiding with fear
Don’t waste your time and c’mon with me
Go on the way, sleep your next dream
Just look ahead, it’s doesn’t seem…

Believe in me

Way To Nowhere


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