Letra "Dead man’s blues" de Supertramp

Goin’ through my life
Day by day
Wonderin’ why
And what road it’ll take
Sometimes low
And sometimes high
I gotta find a reason
To live by

Well I’ve been seaching
Far and wide
Over the water
Beyond the sky
And I’ve been watching the moon above
Smiling down at me
What you thinkin’ of

What’s he thinkin’
Way up in the sky
People tell me
Where my future lies

There ain’t no promise
No guarantees
Ain’t no wisdom
Be laid on me
And it’s a low down dirty shame
But I gotta find the answer just the same

I ain’t feelin’
Nobody cares
I gotta feelin’

Well I’ve been playin’ the Dead Man’s Blues
And now I need a drink
It’s going to be on you
The day of judgement ain’t far away
But who’ll be the judge
It’s hard to say…
Yeah that’s hard to say

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