T Mochi

Dímelo (Mochi)
On your lies you’re never enough (hahaha)
Make me feel so strong
Make me feel so high
In my room, you’re always new, and bring me to a perfect place

Free (leave me free of your memories)
Free (come on, just forget me)

My love, you betray me, remind that shape curves
She smiles, and I cry, touch its body, not the mine, conclusion, born’s horn
Again and again, again and again
You hide to me (I knew!)
You hide to me I knew
But not today!

Free (leave me free of you memories)
Free (come on, just forget me)

I’ll give you the choose, forget me or I’ll disappear
I know are you thinking, but for last time I won’t joke anymore
It is you chance for don’t break my heart again
My live’s way arrived for you sign in my stream

Free, I am free!


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