Faceless Devastation

Faceless Devastation

Under Blackened Skies

Lessons are taught, yet not learnt
By all that surrounds us
Strange how we never listen
Travel blindly through life
In our citadels, bastions of power
Surely we will prevail, as ever before

Well now wake up the giant, as it slumbers beneath
The world proud and defiant, surely we cannot fall
The cities of man, will be as nothing
When our final demands, are met with silence

In the end, we’ll see, too late
All that’s left is nothing, but the strife for survival
Our last reward

With faceless devastation, can life be classed as foe?
Or divine intervention, for what crime who’s to know?

Despite all beliefs, and creed or colour
With no distinction made, all must now cower

Now is the time, we shall survive
Conquering fears, do it or die

Now the ending, has come for you
Cease your questions, wasted breath
Words unanswered, voiceless terror
No emotion, this just is

Earth, flames, liquid forms
Fear, pain, sets the norm
Calm, waves, before the storm
False, hopes, gojira is born

No enemy, can be fought, when it is no-one
With pain of birth, a face beheld, yet it is futile
You seek to thwart that which, is beyond comprehension
With destruction comes new life
The cycle is completed
Faceless devastation!

Faceless Devastation


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