Breeders Of Credibility

Breeders Of Credibility

Unreal Overflows

Each day, I think in front of me
How to free myself from this carnal wall
It is a stupid appearance that makes me sick
And fills me with not desired scorn

Source on our deepest and darkest desires
On that which crumbles and we ignore

In all this time
Live your lie
Creators of the end
Breeders of credibility
Breeders of credibility and empty hopes

A greeting. An unimportant lie
You have fulfilled your absurd ignorance

We are tempted to know if that exists
Or it is just words that saturates our thoughts
With stupid and ridiculous conclusions
Which are made by errors in our life

Let’s us realize that how we are
We must fade to our principles
Despicable illusory masks
Created for years by for all

We are as susceptible as distrustful
And we feel intrigued instead of surprised

Breeders Of Credibility


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