The Unavoidable Passage Of Time

The Unavoidable Passage Of Time

Unreal Overflows

You wake up of the deep abyss that drowns to you
And look that passage of time is reflected on you
The routine of everyday does not let you see
All those transformations hang around you

Time is needed to rectify all those bad moments
That have served to mark the way of your sad life
Think on it if you could handle all time you have lost
Would not you do all you could not do?

Torment yourself on thinking what it will be of you
Once crossed the threshold of death
Torment yourself on thinking that you cannot stop
The time that slips beside

The present time is a single flash
And you must try to live it to the limit

Time is born, grows and ends inside
The moment keeps reflected inside

Live life intensely it will be the only
You will long for once your turn is over
A period of time you will never be able to recover

Every single moment you feel that the passage of time
Does not take pity on you, you depress thinking that
It throws you into a deep hole

You will never return
Time cannot be stopped
You do not know what to do

The Unavoidable Passage Of Time


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