Up In Smoke

Its my perception
That’s reality
Immersed in the world around me
Well at least what I can see

But do you believe
The world you see
Appears the same way to me

Expand your mind and you’ll see
All things that this life may be
Forget the world that you’ve been fed
And just remember its all in your head
Its in your head

The world is strange
And can seem unfair
But when I turn my back
How do I know its there?
I’ll search forever
Seeking introspection
But its all deception
That’s my perception

We live in this reality
But its all relative to me
I see new realities everyday
Light up and watch it fade away
Just watch it fade
Watch it fade

It my perception
That’s reality
We’ve grown to expect what we’ve seen
But there’s much more than may seem



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