Bathtub Barracuda

Bathtub Barracuda

Zero To Hero

Not the person that you left behind anymore, there’s no one for you to miss
I changed and learned so many things just to prove to myself and you that I could
I used to self-loathe and feel down, now I know that I am so much bigger than this
I never thought that I could make it without you but, hell, it sure does feel pretty good

I’m still a messy eater, a little bitter, just a tad thinner
Guess some things aren’t going to change
Still play too many games, listen to sad songs, a big weezer fan
And I don’t know if I’d change it at all
I still have my flaws, I just learned to embrace it all
‘Cause they define just who I am
Just need to shake it off, just need to thoughen up
I’m just saying it, ‘cause now I know

Bathtub Barracuda


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