First Letter

First Letter

7L & Esoteric

You obviously, underestimate Seay’s unruly cadence
Killin crumbs, rippin apart bums
Scarin tons on paper, I nail foes lyrically
Ill creator, there is none greater
Plus automatically I neutralize opponents naturally
But reality attacks in numbers systematically
When I trap hoods you got blast, understood?
Real words are known, crush kings at their thrones
Exceeding miles past the standard
And terrorize the real imposters, purposely planted
I never give my instincts chances
Rapidly obliterating people hating
On neccessary Esoteric shit devastating
On new terrain entertain verses emulate rain from Ukraine
Catastrophically kill whenever I touch heads
Execute suckers orally kid is dead

Word up
16 lines 32 rhymes 93 words
Check it
You take the first letter
From every word I spit
You know just who you fuckin with
Some afranomical shit
7L on production, uhh

01 Y O U S U C
02 K C R A B
03 S T O P I N F L
04 I C T I N G
05 P A I N O N
06 B R A I N S
07 W I T H Y G B U
08 R W A C K A T T
09 E M P T S
10 A T T R I P P
11 I N G M I C
12 R O P H
13 O N E S D
14 O N T E V E R F U
15 C K W I T H
16 E S O K I D

You suck crab
Stop inflicting pain on brains with YGB (your gay boredom)
UR (your) wack attempts at ripping microphones
Don’t ever fuck with Eso kid

First Letter


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