7L & Esoteric

[Celph Titled:]
Yeah, Celph Titled
The motherfucking doctor of destruction
Back with the Esoterrorsmit yo
It does what it does cause we do what we do, let’s go

[Verse 1: Celph Titled]
Smash ya, keep a tech 9 in my dresser
Lyrical professor, keep you under pressure
Mind like a thousand computers, you better re-rout your manouvers
Cause my soldier recruiters murder producers
Who’ll blast holes through your promo-poster
With black bazookers, we now playin dice
But we some certified crab shooters
Rap barracoutas, Kill it better, pass the Buddah/Buddha
We put a stop to your weight watching – yet you’re still a fat loser
It’s dissapointing but I got bigger fish to fry
Super-size a Great White – that’s the type of fish I fry!
You didn’t listen guy, I done told you
Got you stuck off the realness and that’s what done told you
(Can you stop rhyming the same phrases?)
No. My brain’s been misplaced in a vacant space basement that the cavemen made
I drank some razor blades right before I ate grenades
Then I swam with Crocodiles in a pool of Gatorade
And this might be, Murder-Death-Kill part 3
But since then me and ES grew sharp shark teeth
Carve apart our beefs into [? ] barf meet
I stay tar tar treat in a charred car seat

[Chorus: Esoteric with Vinnie Paz]
You can get it however you want it, little crumb
I can leave the microphone bloody, crippled drums
I’m a fucking warlord, blood-stained floors
I’m the opposite of pure drugs [? ] war

[Verse 2: Trademarc]
You want the god of war? Man I’m a connoisseur
A piece of love in my life is more foreign than your corner store
Lump you, dump you, straight to the waters floor
Pump you, slash you, knife you, mask and glove, midnight you
But just not write you, cause I ain’t like you
You’re just a fad, your double-time raps?
Just twice as bad than anything you ever had
Shit talk and you’re zip locked
Bagging you up, and I don’t mean Glad
Stacking you up and I don’t hear your mans laughing it up no more
Running his mouth, or backing it up no more
Leaving battle fields scattering shields
Shatter bodies in tattered rags
Smoking guns in my saddle bag
Cracking tags in the badge off of those that remain
So I remember the names
Of those slain – on this rugged terrain, fucker!


[Verse 3: Karma]
In war I run at foes with a cut axe
I rhyme like we under attack
I rhyme like Rakim is sitting on my back
Critiquing every rhyme, he’s weakening my spine but strengthens every line
To the dismantling of a great mind
Can Chris Hansen save our kids on Datline?
I drink a rich swine with a bit of strick nine
(Ain’t) No one in my mind, I’m never gonna see my prime
I’m getting mine’s, by, any, means, necessary
Karma, they’re my adversaries
Is it imaginary or just as scary
That wars worth more than blood on my capillaries
I’m not playin kid, I’ll never take up (arms)
In this cold world, I just chill with frost
I’m hardcore, worse more than
A beast who creeps across floorboards – on all fours
The Art of Warlord.


[Verse 4: Esoteric]
Yeah we afraid of nothing
You ain’t built for this, you a plush to you made a stuffing[? ]
You ain’t kill for this, You a slug boy, I’m here to snuff it
I’m a soldier raised on pain and suffering
You a wussy that be softer than a plate of muffins
I’m the type to transform a sand storm into man form
Like Flint Marco
A premonition like I jetted in on Donnie Darko
These DJs have been in vinyl
Now they frontin with disc breaks like Monte Carlos
My sound wave will ravage and rumble
What you rappers just stumble over your words, you actually tumble
I’m back in a bundle, I came first like the go-bots(?)
My sight kill you lost boys, eat maggots like mic kills
Dream majic, I write I’ll
You sleep past the night thrill
I smash thugs with frosty mugs, there’s your rice grill
Your mind has more poker dots than a white dress at Nascar
While I’m a party animal, I rep to the last bar

“At least we know this much Perry
Eso will stop at nothing to pursuit to rule
Therefore, he must be stopped”
“He’s a very clever arch criminal who must be put away”
“I have escaped from Arkam Asylum and revenge will be sweet”
[Batman:] “Oooo that is bad news commisioner”



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