Yo, slammed out the svr, it look like hulk or suttin’
Spent this money to live comfortably, I don’t stunt for nuttin’
Culli cost a quarter, couldn’t insure it ‘cause I’m young and bussin’
Keys for all the cribs but for the urus, I just push the button (woo)

Little pussy said he looked for me, he must be bluffin’
Being from the m, a couple cut-ins and some guns are bustin’
Half a ticket for a crib I don’t live in, I just come to fuck in
Double for my mumzy’s, hundred-thousand, boy, that’s under budget
[?] For couple z’s, we’re ‘bout to hit the m-way

Took the roof up off the bentley ‘cause I need some headspace
But fuck a coupe unless it’s [?], I fuck with bentaygs
Forty-thousand feet up on a jet plane, I can’t hear what them say (hahaha)
Still breezin’ through on moston lane

Rollie cost a box of caine, me and you are not the same
Need that prezi with the chocolate face
Never had no enemies, hit fame now I got opps for days (yeah)
No talking, I’m like stormzy’s mate

Stalking when she saw the cake
Rollie cost a quarter wraith (yeah)
Walk with me through all the pain
Pull up, blowin’ ganja, screamin’ sorry if I’m sorta late (woo)

Get the bag, put half away, and then we go again
Tell a rapper test me, you won’t have a show again
Woke up feeling kosher, hit the roads and go and blow a ten
These pussies think they’re goats, I’ll give ‘em hope if I ghost again


Hit the thickest chick in Paris singing digga’s adlibs (hahaha)
Had her coming screaming woi, I went and did a madness
Put the pussy on repeat, I think that thing’s attractive
When I’m done pushin’ on her cheeks, I tell her fling it backward

Put the footage on a screen, it’s fuckin’ cinematic
Then she suck it like she mean it, this one been a savage (ooh)
Them likkle rubbers ain’t convenient, need a bigger jacket
But honestly, the pussy’s so sweet, I didn’t think to wrap it (ha)

Driveway look like a runway
Doors on the spaceship come electric like the front gate
Splash on what I need to keep my family from the streets
So I got cameras in the trees, a couple [?] on some gunplay
I heard your tune, it’s all white noise

Youngest in charge ‘cause every move I make’s my choice
But still, I ask myself the same questions every night
Is my music gonna bang and does snoochie like white boys? (Hmm)

‘Bout my business, I’ve never been one for clout
Stayed on top for four years, I ain’t ever been on a drought
Made some money off my music, invested to spread it out
Couldn’t give a fuck who you think the best is, I’m gettin’ pounds



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