Just Coz (ft Giggs)

Just Coz (ft Giggs)



I see ‘em creepin’, shut the back door
Turn the arena to a grand tour (yeah)
Decline a couple figures, it attracts more (hahaha)
And I out bread back in my city, call me Mansour (ooh)
Too rich to have time to wait
Wrist match the license plate, seventy on mine today (skrr, skrr)
Smoked a spliff then I slammed the Range
Sixty ‘round the roundabout, I’m flyin’, fuck the right of way (round)
Try it if you’re bad enough
Think ‘cause all I rap about is pussy, I won’t wrap him up
Know in Manny we’re the guys, why challenge us?
Bro ain’t blowin’ bubbles, but he’s sly, two hammers up (yeah)
Three-hundred for the Bentley, I cop it
Eight-hundred for the crib, shit, I don’t take many losses (no)
Heard your gyal say she wants some new Fendi, I got it (hah)
Flip somethin’, make it back, then I’m spendin’ the profit (yeah)
Buy it out, I ain’t makin’ deposits
You don’t get it like Aitch, come on, let’s just be honest
I just tell you how I’m livin’, I ain’t flexin’, I promise
Dick good enough to put two lesbians on it (hahaha)
Told brodie “Get a job”, he wanna shift rocks (oh)
All my youngers get it poppin’, they don’t TikTok (no way)
See my brother in the passy with the ket wig (huh?)
All I gotta do is tap him, that’s your wig off
Wrist shinin’, I get blinded when I steer the car
I ain’t gotta pose to show we’re grindin’, ‘cause we really are (yeah)
Tell the waiter fuck a bottle, I’ma clear the bar
Paigons got me laughin’ in stitches like I fear a scar (ah)

You gotta be cruel to be kind, look closely
Big bro’s a survivor (survivor)
Now we’re scopin’ that, just got the groceries
Now I’m hostin’ vagina (hostin’)
She wanna sex to Peligro, I squirt it
Gave her the whole cappuccino (yeah)
Yeah, I put my jumper and jeans on and splurted
And they were both Valentino (Jeez)
Yeah, I got chocolate, Ferrero Rocher
I think her husband’s a weirdo (hahaha)
Yeah, I got a comfier chair though (chair though)
Brains, I’m on the hunt, I’m the scarecrow (mm)
I got to stay with my regiment, danger
I gotta raise my development (yeah)
I gotta change up my level, it’s major
I gave my tailor my measurements (hah)
Yeah, Aitch paint a picture, I’m a painter
They hate when I’m steppin’ in (steppin’ in)
Yeah, I freshen up like a peppermint (like a peppermint)
Please, you shouldn’t touch, I’m a specimen (ah)
Yeah, that’s in my cup with the cranberry Sandeman

I’m wakin’ up with a Sandy
Yeah, came in the club with a Monica
Yeah, and tryna cut with a Brandy (Jeez)
Yeah, I saw her scroll through her Insta goals
I told her “That’s what we can be” (hahaha)
Yeah, I even drip when I’m trampy (when I’m trampy)
Yeah, they heard the hit, then Shazamed me
Yeah, step with the damsel (damsel)
Straight, chicks wanna bang me (yeah)
Yeah, I’m in the wood with a pump, action
Get hit with a Bambi (boom)
Yeah, I got a sippin’ in Malibu, hard food
I’m on the beach with the callaloo (callaloo)
Yeah, we used to hide from the cameras, movies
You saw your guys on Fifth Avenue
I saw this guy talkin’ so much shit
Before you guys had to carry you (oh)
Yeah, I bet he can’t take a stab at me (stab at me)
Before we’re shootin’ and stabbin’ you (Jjez)
Yeah, I clicked then I banged it (banged it)
Now standout bitch understand it (yeah)
Brain scrambled crap, then I scramble it (scramble it)
And that’s a card on you pricks, like I’m a Gambit

Just leave it there, just leave it there

Just Coz (ft Giggs)


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