Yeah, we back
Wassup ladies?
Swishahouse, baby
Wassup to all the ladies on the Northside, Southside, Eastside, Westside?
Wassup in Bay City?
Wassup to all the ladies in Louisiana?
Wassup to all the ladies in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio?
Marshall, Prairie View, it’s going down
Wharton County, Texas City, H-Town, baby
TSU ladies

I’ma just give it to you direct, instead of me throwin’ this shit
You know you important and shit
You know I’m supportin’ this shit
We used to do pornos when you would come over but now you got morals and shit

Please make the most of this shit
Don’t just come close to some shit

Her daddy is not around, mama is definitely not around
She got a business plan, but she just ain’t had time to write it down
Stay with her sister now, she got a man, but he out of town
Soon as he out of town, they hop in his whip and they ride around
I watch her climb to the top of the pole and then get to slidin’, slidin’
Thought about trappin’ a player before, but that just ain’t right, right
Look in the mirror if you wanna look at some things on the bright side

No Friends In The Industry


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