Dark Flowers

Dark Flowers

Emily Kokal

I don’t know when I’ll recover
Your presence is nowhere
The only thing left of you
A shadow in my head

I don’t know when I’ll discover
The secret equation
The answer to where
You go when you’ve left

My darling
My dear
My lovely late sweetheart
Your loneliness took you right to the start again

And now I sit in the darkness
Alone in my silence
The voice of you gently caressing my head
Soft whispered devotions
I send to you often
And wonder can you hear me or have I gone mad?

Losing my head
I’m losing my head

And all my friends start to worry
If I followed with you
And gone to the place where
No human can pass back
I tell them I’m ok
Assure them I’m laughing
I’m playing in the field of the dead

Oh, my dark flowers
All I understand

Dark Flowers


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