Despite The Crossfire

Despite The Crossfire

Emily Kokal

I can still see a light in you
Despite the crossfire
I would not forget
The way you can inspire
Our last drive in the pick, up truck
Just wanting to admire the view

Sometimes I think I gave you bad luck
Sometimes I wouldn’t even give a fuck but
I know what I think to be true
And I think that you’re love
So I’ll just think of you

And maybe things won’t change, and maybe they might
So I turn the clock forward to save the daylight
And in the morning everything might have changed
But I know for tonight it will always remain this way

You breathe like you’ve never smelled the Sun
Warm breeze, you seem to heat everyone
I don’t know why we couldn’t just win!

But I put in my chips, and I’m cashed out again
And I think you’re lovely, oh man I really do
But I know for this time we will always be through
You and I

Despite The Crossfire


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