Emily Kokal

Got drunk
And I played the fool for you
‘cause that’s my favorite song
Do I really need to know what you’re thinking?

‘cause thinking is just too much
Too much for me to do
When there’s nothing wrong

Hmm Hmm Hmm

Everything can be undone
Everything’s an ocean of
I love you I love you
I love you I love you

Yes yes yes
To be with you always
Is the be without you always

I don’t need but I want you
You don’t see
But you feel me
‘cause you can always feel the truth

Every day and all my life
What I’m gonna do
Is dance in the fire
And never get so far inside
The things that make you lose your mind
To all the unnecessaries
That fake you out and get you carried away
To pushing the moment to some other place, well

I’m staying low
Closing the windows, but
Opening the doors
Into this poor broken-hearted
I don’t wanna be
Broken anymore
Not with you around and not in front of you

Did you see the light?
Did you feel the spark?
Did you see me shine when we were laying in the dark?
Did I hear you crying
Did I feel your heart, did I feel your heart
I thought I felt it



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