Someday Somewhere

Someday Somewhere


I need to let off words
A sudden outburst
Feeling skeptical
Is life a daydream?

What I’d find down there
I heard whispers
Showing how to
Climb onto the surface

Someday somewhere
We’ll find our path
Someday somewhere
From time to time

Someday life will show
You a meaning
A new religion
About ourselves

Someday somewhere
We will start to
Call them heroes
Those who sacrifice for us

Someday somewhere
We will stand by them
People we care for
People we’d able to cry

Someday somewhere
We’ll make common what’s rare
till eternally
We will be

There’s a world in flames
So unfair
But I touched the glory
Hello folks
That’s my words
As a lovers’ oath
I’m singing it loud
Here and now

Someday Somewhere


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