Goons des Garcons

I just cleared a check
It’s a good day to be me
My bitch such a bombshell
Dog it’s hard to believe
Every time we fuck I touch her stomach wit ease
And now I’m all up in her guts until she tell me to leave
When I smile my diamonds scream different tones
Once she open up man she can’t leave it alone
I been doing too much need a different phone
Now my main bitch met my side check but they getting along
I guеss that’s just the cost of being high in demand
Triеd to keep it low but ain’t hiding the man
Niggas talkin’ shit but I could give less a damn
They on that hot shit till they see you then they cool
that’s a fan

You got opinions that’s cool
Hot damn look at you!
Everything you say is true
All that hate you know it’s fuel
They had hated Jesus too
They had hated Jesus too

On the real we bout to go up
Fetti on my get my dough up
Pull-up on em with the doors up
I’m on my bully I doze off
Get me some head then I doze off
Got a boujie bitch flippin her nose up
No cap and gown bitch bet I know sumn
Boy I’m so cold put the coat on the flo
RIP Nip that’s my locc
Rollin, bitch we got motion
Diamonds on ocean
On water like Moses
They hated on Jesus
We got sticks for the sweepin’
Oh you got it that’s cool
Bitch I got it to, yea
Bitch I got it too
Bitch I got it too


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