Embrace a closure unseen
Adrift I wander the shores of my dreams
Awake I roam subdued by nothing but deafening screams

Mementos of the past, lock away the ones still left
Remain so pale, near to all, yet so far
Released by their chains to be trapped again

This inner voice
Tempting me
An end so close
But I can’t break down my fear

Betrayed by faith
A tool of God so blank I did become
Antagonized when justice to the weak was done
Enthralled by this madness too blind to see
The emptiness I swallowed now devours me

Lost into the past I drift, my smothering demise
This hollow shape that I obtained by futile sacrifice
Fragments of a pointless tale too shattered it remains
Revering God by slaying lives has left myself to blame

Cowering before the truth with solitude my soothing friend
Servant to my end I am with hidden wounds too hard to mend

Adrift I walk across the borders splitting truth and dream
Drowning in these scornful tides while plunging into atrophy

My time will come
A being forlorn condemned and caught alive
Diving into bottomless depths I inter my contemptuous pride
But there is no solace to be found
No place to hide my fear
No refuge to harbor these screams scarring my soul
Awake I dream my endless nightmare

A life to give
A nightmare to take
My time has come



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