Caught in this madness
Strive for a god to die
The way it was defined
A casket fitting life
A death reprised

Long for an end to meet
The liars at your feet
You sought to drown your guilt
Your faith so righteous, wrong
So fucking obsolete

Distorted affection is coming to an end
Convulsing destruction leaves no regrets to spend
Upon a throne of naught you rose
Velvet conceit designed to corrode

Chase your void
A tool grotesque you have become, but thrown away to die
A pawn obsessed with empty thoughts, obedient sacrifice

Now face this day of truth exposed, this is your day alone
But whilst you slowly bleed to death, your faith dies on its own
A human shape remains, unscathed of sacred lies
In vain you tried to claim this world when disease has claimed your life

Between this biased self the void you chased exists
But bounded by your human flaws your dreamscape starts to cease

Damned by this madness
Lies they sent you to die
This way’s been long defined
The casket fits your life
Your lone demise

In the end you meet
The liars at your feet
Prolong to seize your prize
Your faith has led you wrong
You worthless pawn



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