This Faithful Justice

This Faithful Justice


Permission to conquer, oppression of the weak
Destroying their homeland, a savior to their needs
Preserving one’s own life, watch helpless victims die
Submission to new gods, peace is not the place they seek

Creating a new law, the restless they chase
Redemption is granted by adapting their ways
The cleansing of scum which is decently done
Deliverance carried by scorching flames
Purified sentiments maintaining the sway
They are hypocrisy’s appropriate slaves

The Deprivation

My land they did take, my life they enslaved
Covered their lies with a truth they despised
Forcing their will upon the mass
Killing the free ones down to the last
Ashes remain, the freedom undone
Glorious conquest called out by the ones
I will seek out the gods in command
Repaying the streaks of slaughter they sent

Hate will kill their lives
Their hubris will subside
Ideals won’t suffice
Their future is demise
Submit to this genocide

Their homeland was conquered, no infidel remains
The worship of our God will free them from their pain
Our power unchallenged, the godless met demise
Establish a new reign for our lord to rise

Location in sight, the place where gods do dwell
Will perish to nothing, their war shall bring their end

Hate will kill their lives
Their hubris will subside
Gods will not suffice
Their future is demise
My future is demise

This Faithful Justice


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