Body High

Body High

Haley Smalls

Just come and stay with me
On nights when you get cold
I’ll never miss your call
Don’t gotta be alone, yeah

Leaving it all unspoken
Body in abyss
Seal it with a kiss
Sheets covered in bliss

Now we’re stimulating every sense
Hypnotized in every way
You won’t feel it when you fall
Isn’t that what you want

Lost in your crazy thoughts
Body on me
I’m gonna keep you close
Through the highs and lows

I wanna feel this on you
See this on you
I’ll breath it for you
When you fall
I’ll be riding for you
Keep this on you
Looks fearless on you
When you’re gone

‘Cause when the love’s dead this brings new life
And when the love’s blind it takes new heights

Nobody can take your place
It’s written all on your face
We’re finding a safer place
Some things you just can’t erase

So everything you wanna say leave it unsaid
Your body is talking there’s no need to pretend
These days all that you need
Is something for your soul

Body High


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