Letra "Dead Quote Olympics" de Hives


Cant make an omelette without breaking an egg
And I cant make a headache if I dont aim at the head
You had enough of their thoughts have your own
Then you wouldnt have to be such a clone
That just wont get you nowhere, you thought it would?
This time youve really got something its such a clever idea
But it doesnt mean its good cause you found it at the library
Yes they were smart but they are dead
And youre repeating all that they said
You know it dont make you clever like you thought it would
Its on!
You won!
Im done!
You didnt read between the lines so it wont do you any good its true
And that moment that you live for, it doesnt live for you
When weekends set standard and pace
We are all showered in books and berets
And that will just get us nowhere, who thought it would?

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