Hugo Devonne

Who said we always win?
In this loving life where there is competition
Things are never our way
We will try, but in a competition we always lose

Will every someone have to compete
And accept my defeat
Will I find someone where there will be someone else on the way?
In this unfair life where I’m supported

Because I’m a loser
Loser, loser (loser)
Losers don’t win
Losers go out the back door

You know, you know well
Winners humiliate us
Get us off the ground
Because we are losers
And that’s how it should be?

Losers will someday get their medals
Or are we doomed to lose?
Because we are losers

We don’t want the bronze, we want the person we fight
Because our love is worth more than a prize
Do the winners really love, or just want to win for us to humiliate?

Because we are losers
Losers, losers (losers)
Losers don’t win
Losers go out the back door
Losers, losers



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