Best Of Us

Best Of Us


One by one
Looking back at everything we’ve done
Every setback that we’ve overcome
Now I won’t stop if you don’t stop
Two by two
Shaken by the world we woke up to
But together we can make it through
Now I won’t stop, if you don’t stop, yeah

Wait, wait! What you gonna say, say
When we get too close to letting go?
Wait, wait! If you gonna stay, stay
Come and hold me closer ‘cause you know

Never get the high without the low
It’s gonna be alright ‘cause still I know
Even in the night we get to show
The best of us, the best of us
Keiner steht alleine irgendwo
Kein Weg ist zu weit und nichts zu hoch
Jeder von uns zeigt doch sowieso
The best of us
The best of us

Best Of Us


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