Explode My Soul

Explode My Soul

Jonathan David & Melissa Helser

Whisper my name, so only I can hear
Call to my heart, chase away my fears
Stand up in this place, fight for the one you love
Won’t you come surround me, so I can rise above

Explode my soul, let these walls come down
All these prison thoughts crumble with the sound
Of my deliverance from my enemies

I stand up beside you, let’s watch these giants flee
Let the silence be broken, and the winter be done
Will you come out of your hiding, kiss me sweet warm sun
Let the wind of your spirit blow the dust off my feet

I ran to you broken but now I am complete
Hello, promise land, we’ve waited for so long
To see what we’ve believed in

To sing this promise land song
Explode my soul, explode with praise
What he promised is what he gave


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