Brave New World

Brave New World


Close your eyes and sleep
Ignore all the burdens that you keep
Come whatever may
They could never harm you anyway

Stirrings in the wind
Resonates a whisper from within
Warnings from afar
Telling you to heed the morning star

Waking from the dream
Witnessing the smoke that’s rolling in
The end is what you fear
The scent of embers lingers in the air

It`s like a web
There is no escape from
It’s got you trapped
And you long for freedom
Every wish, every dream was granted
Never knowing what they demanded
You see the wall how it’s getting higher
You want to fight but you’re all divided
It’s not a world everyone can thrive in
Is this the world we were meant to grown in?
Somebody tell me where are we going?

A brave new world will rise
If We do not act upon its lies
Hold your tongues no more
Learn from all the ones who came before

Catch the wind and fight the storm
Through the fury we’re holding on
Take your time but not too long
Make it worth the time you own
You woke a fire Inside of me
Fanned the flame and made it breathe
You woke a fire Inside of me
Inside of me
Inside of me

Brave New World


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