Letra "Today" de Last Alliance


I saw tears from someone I adore today.
I wasn’t afraid of dying.
I’ve never wanted you to feel sad.
The photo of the sky I look in Ayutthaya…

Does everyone have the same sorrow?
“How can I change this reality?”
This devastating despair won’t allow me to cry.
The honesty hidden in my heart
Turned to be a regret.
Lying on a cold bed with the feeling toward nowhere.

The morning sun rises again.
The answer is the same.
The hope won’t go away.
The more I search for the hope the more the sorrow grows..
That day with laughter tears my heart apart.
But I won’t give up.

Oh, God if you are there.
I will give you all my happiness.
So will you please change this answer?
I was standing and just looking up at the sky.

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