Letra "Butterflies In Your Stomach" de Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

When you got butterflies in your stomach
And a desert in your mouth
Your body’s signifying
It wants a way out
Cause you’re scared that you might mess up
Afraid that you might goof
So when you’re feeling really nervous,
This is what you got to do

Just breath a little deep
And slip a little water
Know that you’ll be great
Everybody’s gonna love ya
Especially if you smile
When you step out on that stage
Ohh yeah! Ohh yeah! Ohh yeah! Ohh yeah!

Wow! I can’t help it. I still have butterflies in my stomach
You know, it could be worse
Yeah, you could have a caterpillar up your nose
Ok, ok, ok
What did a dancer do when she hurt her foot?
She called a toe-truck!

Now there’s something that you must know
Since you’ve done this all before
Every fear is gonna leave you
When you step on that dance floor
Cause you’re doing what you love most
And practiced for four years
And if you’re dancing from your heart,
Then you will leave them all in tears, so

Chorus (2x)

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