Try Again

Try Again

Mateus Pedrosa

It is by losing that we learn how to win
It is by failing that we learn how to suceed
It is by going the wrong path
That we learn how to go the right one

We may lose our heads sometimes
But this is part of the process
Don’t let a single moment define you
Challenges come to make us strongers

Keep your head straight looking foward
Belive in, have faith and give your best

And if you fall, get back on top and try again
And if you bleed, heal yourself and try again
Again and again (until you suceed)
Just try again (until you suceed)

Try again, until you conquer all
Try again, until you have it all
Try again, until you feel fulfilled
Try again, and again until the end

Wood by wood we make houses
Brick by brick we constroy castles
Rock by rock we climb moutains
And act by act we design our future

Free your mind and spirit
Find balance and peace inside you
Learn how to be tought and how
To control your inner self

Try Again


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