4AM Palm Flow

4AM Palm Flow

Memphis Depay

Are you ready, are you ready, are you ready for me? (Whoop!)

Used to travel on the train, I’m now in private planes
From no vacations, to parties in LA
Money in the bank, money in my safe
Gonna freeze our resident, invest in real estate, huh
Dubai on the palm, this shit on my arm
Fifty pieces limited, you know I ball
Just left the mall, I went way too hard
See my wave coming, oh it’s hard, huh
Swimming with the sharks, you like to risk it all
I really got my energy protected-uh
About to fly my private plane to Mexico
Got my own design about to blow it out

Got my own design, I’m ‘bout to show it off
Walkin’ through city, fly like a fresh show
Models on my line, nobody knows
Crypto though this song like adiós

Like adiós, I’m in a fast car, no Lambo
My wrist flows, no autamo, my thoughts all on my backbone
When I’m in morso you can catch those, fire balls like Drako
Never seekers over here like fast course, she live in France, so she like my flex so like
Whoah, fuck your little hope
Baby on a yacht, somewhere on the ocean
Diamonds in my watch man, she’s always float
Got a Queen in London, looking like a trophy, yeah

Yeah, you know I made it
I got the ocean, feel like shit
I’m just doing what’s good to get to me
Man, I feel high to say this, and don’t forget, huh
Nigga started from nothing, from travelling on the train, to taking PJ’s to LA
Huh, we made it

4AM Palm Flow


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