Everything Is Good Again

Everything Is Good Again

Nick Mendes

When you walked out of my life I just wanted back
My awkard lines, notes, and exchanged clothes
But I’m way happier at all, and surprised that you’ve called
Feels like your missing me tonight
Dear, I always do

But I pray for that time
When everything is good again
That you’d still be there
Cause I still want to kiss you
And I’ll still want to miss you so bad
That I could never know
Where I’m rushing on

If you’re lucky enough you may never find love again
You’ve got four years to pay, well, that’s some action
And if college debts and doubting yourself is losing fun again
You can take a break, I’ll still be there

I should take a walk find an awful job
And lose every hope again
Wouldn’t that be brave?
In a dreadful way

Cause I still wanna note it, and I still want to enjoy it so much
And I won’t take a single step
With all that circumstance
I’ll be lying in advance
Saying everything is good again
Maybe everything is good again
I know everything is good again

Everything Is Good Again


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